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Hope was a nationally certified midwife, earned a degree from the National College of Midwifery, and has assisted almost 500 births.

Rising to meet the current global need for more holistic birth workers, she created the Sacred Birth Path.

These courses will give you the tools you need to become a doula and core foundations as a holistic birth keeper. 

Step into this inspiring opportunity to be a part of a sister circle delving deep into women's mysteries, there is a place for You in our circle.

Join us to transform the world, one birth at a time!
Sacred Birth Keepers Courses ONLINE & in-person
The next course begins in Sept 2025!

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Join our growing sisterhood of
Birth Keepers

Women as creatresses, birth keepers and bringers of life, birthing our next generation-
We honor you and invite you to our circle of wombyn.
Join us on this journey as we listen to each others' heart songs of healing and remember the innate power of our wombs, 
and become a Sacred Birth Keeper!

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As Hope guides us on a deep exploration of women's blood & and birth mysteries, you will learn tools to support fertility and birth, for yourself, your community, and others as a career path.
This course is richly infused with both modern and ancient wisdom to empower you to serve a laboring mother and her newborn, as well as give you the holistic and practical tools you need to be a resilient birth guardian.

Sacred Birth Path

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