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Black Lives Matter

Updated: Jun 11

After the killing of George Floyd ripped across our nation, there is a renewed need to show up and recognize how much #BlackLivesMatter to all of us in our global family. I have deep gratitude for the Africa, which I have visited several times, both studying African drum and working delivering babies. Thank you Mama Africa, your culture and continent, for the powerful musical lineage which brought the djembe and its rhythms through centuries, carrying with it, ancestral traditions and potent songs of healing and empowerment.

I want to offer my respect to all the people of color who inherited racial injustice in our country after their foremothers were brought here against their will to be slaves. We are opening our eyes further to the levels of injustice they have been struggling in for too long. And I want to honor the voices of musicians and artists of color who have courageously continued to speak up and share their voices in spite of societal pressure against them. We see you, we are sorry for what you have endured. Together, in this generation, let's raise awareness and end racism.

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