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Hope's new Patreon Community

Updated: Jun 11

Be among the first to join Hope's new Patreon community and be a part of fueling the fire of support for her many upcoming projects and enter a journey that will ignite your soul, empower your voice, & inspire your dreams!

Hope will be sharing insight & exclusive offerings from her experience as drummer, midwife, visionary artist, writer, musician, community organizer & environmental educator with a community of like-minded folks & you are invited to join us!

Patreons help make it a reality to be an independent creative.

It is a gift for artists like myself, to receive support, without pressure or deadlines, so we can grow into even greater artistic freedom, exploring the limits of our creative visions- due to generous support of patreons. Many of my current offerings, from children’s music classes, to women's healing circles, to production of music festivals, to childbirth education, are labors of love. I will be using the support earned here, to grow these projects, as well as to develop & actualize my next creative projects. Your support enables me to vibrantly expand, reach more of my creative goals, and further serve our growing community! So you're invited to check it out, and see if there is a place for you to get involved- for as little as $1 a month!

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