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New Moon Sister Circle -online

Updated: Jun 11

Hope has been facilitating Womens circles for 20 years, and Jill Walton, a trusted elder ceremonialist, has been creating Sacred Circles for women for over 40 years. Together they are ready to begin to share what they have learned to help other women experience a healthy space for sharing and building sisterhood. ~We both really appreciate & thank the many indigenous teachers we have worked with, however this circle is not based on any one tradition; we are just calling on the traditions of our hearts.~ We will gather at this New Moon to share in circle, calling in the 4 directions, setting intentions of healing, and listening from our hearts. Under this dark moon, let us explore womens authentic spirituality~ to be both strong and vulnerable, to call in our love, power and wisdom, and connect to the earth while building trust by using honest communication. As we come together we raise each other up, as we share from our hearts we find our confidence in our voice, as we listen to each others' stories, we loose the need to compete, and we root for each other to rise with us. This New Moon circle is free to join & all wombyn are welcome. In this time of pain and confusion, we are opening this circle online to share, heal, & hear each others heart songs; as well as teach simple practices for you to facilitate sister circles in your community. For those of you who would like to learn and share more deeply, Jill and Hope will be facilitating 3 more circles at the next FULL Moon (Aug 3) Cleansing & Centering, NEW Moon (Aug 18) Finding your Voice & Setting your Intention, and FULL Moon (Sept 1) Creating Ceremony. It is just $45-$65 sliding scale total to go deeper into the next 3 sessions with us. It is very affordable because we want to share this with you & build our community. (Scholarship avail. if needed, let us know) Limit 20 women. To join: * Personal Message* Hope directly by Aug 1st if you would like to join for this longer session and Paypal to: Gathering in circles is ancient wisdom & technology of our ancestors, the grandmothers- this is what we’ve always done. It can be a feeling of coming home when you're in a safe circle with women, held in trust with intentions for healing. We have deep memories of this~ It is in the marrow of our bones. We are experiencing the beginning of a long process of dismantling an unhealthy and patriarchal structure of power in our world. We need to be strong and unified as women to support each other along this journey. Women are creators, and we need to be creating, to be whole. We want to support women and assist their path into balance, so together, we are working to build sisterhood within humanity. We believe in you.

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